How to Clear Saved Searches on Twitter

Twitter saved searches feature allows users to easily access their queries through the menu given near to the search box. Twitter permits its users to save only 25 searches on their account. This article focuses on how to clear saved searches on Twitter.

Here’s how to clear saved searches on Twitter

1.    Computer

•    Go to the default browsing application.

•    Open the Twitter official website.

•    Enter the email address registered with the Twitter account.

•    Type a protected password.

•    Click on the Sign In button.

•    Open the text field located on the upper right-hand side of the display to clear the saved searches on Twitter.

•    Press on the text field after finding it.

•    Choose the saved search which you wish to clear.

•    This procedure will also clear your all searches like keywords, hashtags, and usernames.

•    Now, the pull-down menu will show the Recent Searches or Saved Searches option on the screen.

•    To clear saved searches on Twitter, you have to press on the X symbol located on the right-hand side of the display.

•    In case you are not able to see the X symbol, then press on the saved searches to do this procedure again. Then choose the three dots symbol and after that, press on the Remove this saved search option.

2.    Mobile Devices

•    Click on the Twitter application to open it.

•    Press on the text field.

•    After that, choose the saved search you wish to clear.

•    Click on the X symbol near the saves search option.

•    It is possible that you will not be able to find the X symbol to clear saved searches on Twitter.

•    In case this will happen, then you need to press on the saved searches to follow this procedure again.

•    Choose the three vertical dots to get more options list on display.

•    After that, press on the “Delete search” option.

•    Now, you have clear saved searches on Twitter by using Mobile devices.

How to Save a Twitter Search?

•    Open the text field.

•    Enter a keyword.

•    Enter the username.

•    Enter the hashtag.

•    Press on the Search symbol.

•    Now, you will get the search result in the pull-down list.

•    Press on the overflow symbol, and it resembles a three dots icon located on the upper right-hand side to display more options list.

•    Choose the “Save this search” option, and you will get it automatically in the saved searches window.

•    Twitter permits its users to customize the search option.

•    You can also put limitations on the searches to accounts, images, tweets, news, and enable all options.

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